Frequently Asked Questions

Is AR the right place for me?

ARCollective is a friendly educational Discord server aimed at anyone from any skill-level who wants to learn about Technical Analysis (TA), Fundamental Analysis (FA), DeFi and NFTs. We cover basics to advanced concepts and have over 14 analysts proficient at TA, FA, DeFi and NFTs that are here to assist you during your journey. AR also offers an academy with over 90+ videos and 14+ hours of content explaining key foundations of all concepts. Additionally, analysts will share their personal trade entries and set ups with the community.

  • 80+ On demand educational videos about TA, FA and NFTs. Beginner to advanced.
  • 6+ Livestreams a week (Beginner livestreams, Market updates, Research streams).
  • Livestreams recordings and notes (if you miss livestreams).
  • 14+ Analysts that specialize in TA, FA, DeFi and NFTs.
  • Analysts sharing spot and leverage trades and trade ideas (over 70 trades a month with over 80% success rate).
  • Resources (Blue-chip list, VC list, AR tracker).
  • One-on-one access to analysts.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.
  • Access to a friendly Discord community of new and experienced traders.

You can subscribe by clicking here for:

Some might say they don't sleep. Expect analysts around the clock Mo-Sunday.

Unlike most servers, we won't vanish when the market turns bearish because that is when our research THRIVES.

Expect livestreams during ANY market condition.

All trades shared from analysts are for educational purposes and any trades executed by members are their own responsibility.

We do not offer financial advice, manage funds nor execute any trades for members.

Most analysts focus on both spot and leverage.

We do not have nor plan to have a copy trader at ARCollective.